Winaxis Advisory proudly supports initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and technological advancement in India. AGNIi – Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations – stands as a flagship program under the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India and a Mission under the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC). As a leading provider of online business registration, licensing, and return filing, Winaxis Advisory is committed to supporting startups and entrepreneurs in India’s MSME sector.


AGNIi: Catalyzing Commercialization of Indian Innovations

AGNIi catalyzes the commercialization of Indian technological innovations, bridging the gap between creators and users of eminent technologies. Spearheaded by Invest India, the National Investment Promotion Agency of India, AGNIi appoints a professional team dedicated to facilitating the deployment of refined methodology. By convening technologists, startups, laboratories, and technology users from diverse sectors, AGNIi facilitates the qualitative transfer of ingenuity to address pressing societal challenges.


Unravelling the Perks of Partnering with AGNIi

Partnering with AGNIi offers a myriad of welfare for organizations seeking technological innovation:

  1. AGNIi streamlines identifying potential innovations for specific problem statements, alleviating the burden of extensive scouting with zero cost involved.
  2. Aligning with the Government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, AGNIi strengthens the indigenous innovation ecosystem, fostering self-reliance and resilience.
  3. AGNIi facilitates association between organizations and technological innovators, enabling the implementation of certain measures to meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.


Consummate Services Offered by AGNIi

AGNIi offers a range of services designed to support the commercialization and deployment of technologies:

  • Identifying and providing commercialization support to market-ready indigenous innovations.
  • Collaborating with existing innovation programs to amplify impact and reach.
  • Providing support to government laboratories for the commercialization of their inventive ideas
  • Capacity-building initiatives aimed at scientists, innovators, and automation transfer offices.
  • Bridging the gap between industry and academia to foster collaborative research and development efforts.


Winaxis Advisory

At Winaxis Advisory, we are dedicated to supporting and augmenting initiatives driving India’s innovation goals. Through our collaboration with AGNIi, we connect owners of inventive efforts with the opportunity, to facilitate the acceleration of India’s technological advancements. As a trusted partner, we remain committed to equipping startups and entrepreneurs in India’s burgeoning MSME sector, enabling them to thrive in the competitive landscape of innovation.

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